Volume 41 Number 16 • December 26, 2019 to January 15, 2020 • www.OOTONLINE.com

Page 3 Volume 41 Number 16 • December 26, 2019 to January 15, 2020 • www.OOTONLINE.com For this years’ New Years Eve Issue meet up with Jackie Braam from the E-House in Bensalem. Jackie’s an 11 year veteran and is over at the E-House tending the bar 3 days a week and then working in the kitchen 3 days a week. She not only likes to pour those drinks she likes to cook in the kitchen. Jackie has a great fun loving personality and you can sense that the minute she is ready to serve you, You can sense the passion she has for her job and it shows. Jackie has a great fan base of loyal customers and with her personality it shows. She’s the best! Stats: Birthsign - Scorpio Color Hair - Brown Color Eyes - Brown HOBBIES: She likes to refurbish furniture and loves cooking. FAVORITE RADIO STATION - 97.5 ON SPORTS - Likes all the Philly Teams - She’s a big Eagles Fan loves the Sixers & Flyers, Phillies. FAVORITE DRINK TO SERVE - Long Island Ice Teas FAVORITE DRINK TO DRINK - Schivas on the rocks ON LIVE MUSIC - Likes local acts For New Year’s Eve Jackie will be work- ing the main bar at the E-House...stop over and ring in the New Year with her. What she likes most about being a bar- tender, she had this to say. “ I love the interaction with the customers and like creating new relationships with them”. she also said,” I like to get to know them and just enjoy being around people in general”. See this feature at OOTonline. com - Let Jackie know you saw her in the OOT that will make her day. Jackie Braam from The E-House, Bensalem, PA