Volume 41 Number 13 • October 23, 2019 to November 13, 2019

Page 3 Volume 41 Number 13 • October 23, 2019 to November 13, 2019 • www.OOTONLINE.com By Mike Vagnoni This month we are featuring two Bartenders from the Bluegrass Billiards in NE Phila. Meet Gregg Matza and Bruno Marcinkowski GREGG MATZA Gregg is a veteran bartender with over 12 years in the biz....You can see him on Friday Nights at the new Bluegrass Billiards front bar. Gregg is a resident of NE Philly, He has one wild per- sonality and has so many friends. Hobbies - Eagles Football * Tailgating and getting on TV to talk about the Birds. He’s the official TV Fan of the Eagles.. Gregg seems to get interviewed by all the major local TV Stations - when it comes to the art of being a real Eagles fan, You can see him being the first person to get into the parking lot at most home games. Daytime Job: Phila Parking Authority Favorite Sports Team: The Phila Eagles...of course! Favorite Radio Station: 98.1 FM and 94.1 Favorite Drink to Drink: Apple Sauce Favorite Drink to Serve; Green Tea BRUNO MARCINKOWSKI Bruno hails from Port Richmond and he’s been in the bar and restaurant biz his enitre Life - Working at places like Nick’s Roast Beef and Binni Flynn’s. Bruno’s Dad was the owner of Binni & FLynn’s - Bruno Marcinlowski Sr. he was one of the best owner operators in the region. Here is where Bruno learned the biz- and he learned it from the best...His Dad was one amazing man and a good friend to many people. He was very special to OOT and gave us our very first ad to start the ball rolling. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Marcinkowski. He just got married last week and what a wedding he had. We wish him and his new bride all the best for a great future. You can see Bruno at the Front Bar at the Bluegrass Billiards on Fridays and also on Sundays when the Eagles play, Birthsign Leo. Hobbies: Playing Video Games Daytime Jobs: Social Media Marketing & Real Estate Industry. On Sports: Likes all the Philly Teams Favorite Radio Stations: 97.5 and 102.1 Favorite Drink to Drink : Kettle-Water & Cranberry Favorite Drink to Serve: Fireball BLUEGRASS BILLIARDS GREGG MATZA & BRUNO MARCINKOWSKI