Volume 41 Number 12 • October 2, 2019 to October 23, 2019

Page 3 Volume 41 Number 12 • October 2, 2019 to October 23, 2019 • www.OOTONLINE.com For this Fall Issue of the OOT meet up with Nikki Boggi from Brady’s in the Wyhnham Hotel on Street Road in Trevose Pa. Nikki is a veteran Bartender who has been in the business for well over 25 years. She also is the bar manager at Brady’s. You can see her behind the bar on Friday and Saturday nights and she does shifts on Mondays to Thursdays which vary each week. Nikki stands in at 5’4’’ and has brown hair and brown eyes, She is a Sccorpio and her birthday is October 25th. STATS: Hobbies: Spending time with her family and friends. She loves live music and likes going to concerts . Freestyle events are one of her favorite things to do. She is a big lover of Free- style music. She also likes to watch her daughter play softball and she does that all over the country. She also likes going to the beach and her favorite shore place is Brigantine NJ. On Sports:She likes football and hockey. Her two favor- ite teams are the Eagles and the Flyers. She likes going to the games and much rather see the games live then watch them on TV. Favorite Radio Station: Q - 102 Favorite Drink to Serve: Margaritas & Long Island Ice Tea “ I make the best Margaritas around”, she says! “I make a mean Long Island Ice Tea too” Favorite Drink to Drink: “Anything with Tequila” Nikki’s has a great per- sonality behind the bar and loves her job. We asked her about what she likes best about being a bartender and she had this to say. “ The Money... just kidding. I do love the money part but most of all I love being a part of people having a good time” Nikki has been tending the bar for a long time. “I have been working in the bar biz for over 25 years and it’s all I have ever done, besides being the bar manager here at Brady’s, I have seen so much over the years and the experience with dealing with the public is what it’s all about. I love the night life and giving people the best service that I can. Being busy in a fast pace environment is the big RUSH to my adrenaline. I just love to run behind the bar and do what I do best”. Well there you go, Nikki Boggi a professional and dedicated to the bar busi- ness. Stop over this week and say hello to her. Let her know you saw this item in the OOT. See this also at OOTonline.com Nikki Boggi from Brady’s Lounge, Trevose, PA