Volume 41 Number 12 • October 2, 2019 to October 23, 2019

Digital Recording, Mixing & Mastering Gibbsboro, NJ Page 26 Volume 41 Number 12 • October 2, 2019 to October 23, 2019 • www.OOTONLINE.com By Mike Vagnoni Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Bar has two loca- tions 9241-43 Roosevelt Blvd ( Welsh Rd location) and 150 South Street. They just completed a major renovation and added in a new room to the Welsh Road Location. This new room has a new designed bar area and added tables and chairs and is perfect for your next private party. Paddy Whacks loves host- ing all kinds of events and parties. We had the chance to speak to their new Event Manager Lorilee Stearn last week and she gave us a little insight as to what takes place at Paddy Whacks. Being the Events & Catering Manager is a big job. How long have you been in the catering business we asked Lorilee. “ I have been doing catering for over 4 years. I always enjoyed cooking and since my family and friends all loved my kinds of food dishes, I decided to get into the catering business and created Double L’s Kitchen” she says. She’s a go getter for sure and has built up a great reputation and it’s a natural that she would end up teaming up with Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Bars. How many people can you handle at Paddy Whacks for an event? “ We can host any kind of event/party and up to 400 People” she says. We asked about the size of the kitchen staff and how many chefs Paddy Whacks has. “We have a staff of 8 Chefs here at Paddy Whacks between both locations. On a day to day schedule - I have to work hand in hand with the Chefs - planning and ordering food for upcoming events. I have to make daily calls and meet people -schedul- ing folks to come see our rooms offered, for their events, and go over all the Catering and Banquet Packages that are avail- able, our goal is to create the perfect event for each guest”, she says. “Noth- ing gives Lorilee greater joy than bringing people together with great food and a great party”! At Paddy Whacks they have the ability now to offer their catering from 50 people to over 400 People. That’s something special. They offer Dinner Buffet Packages which has options for Beer, Wine and Soda, Open Bar, or Call Liquor Open Bar with Bottles or Premium Liquor Open Bar & Bottles . The Food at Paddy Whacks is so good and that’s because of the Chefs that they have. Lorilee Stearn - creates homemade soups and makes homemade meatballs and a Lemon Thyme White Wine Chicken dish (with others to be added)...which is found on the menu. The menu is made with care and offers Entrees from Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood & Pasta dishes. “We can take care of your next event - no matter what kind of party - we can arrange to custom- ize your event with all that you may wish”, She says. Lorilee Stearn is a NE Philly resident who is married and has a family and she loves her job. I can tell you this - she along with the entire staff at Paddy Whacks will make your next event the best that it can be. When you can, stop over and pick up a Catering and Banquet Package Menu Flyer. Meet up with Lorilee Stearn and let her know you saw this item about her and Paddy Whacks. Contact numbers are 215-464-7544 x110 Cell 267-679-9626 or email at ll@paddywhackspub.com Go to www.PaddyWhack- sPub.com see them on Facebook and Twitter and also at OOTonline.com Visit Paddy Whacks and check out their new room. Between NE Philly and South Street they can handle your next private event. Ask for Lorilee Stearn tell her Mikey V sent you over. Paddy Whacks New Room for Catering Opens Meet Lorilee Stearn the Events Manager! at the Bridgeport Rib House - Musicians’ Showcase Event On Sunday Sept 22nd - A Musicians Showcase was held at the Bridgeport Rib House - The Host for the night was John Hill from The Dirty Dozen Dance Band. He put together a night to showcase new and upcoming talent. Invited out to see the acts were agents and promoters & some club owners...On the Bill were acts like: The Dirty Dozen Dance Band, Rhodes Less Traveled,Idlewild South, The Whitewalls, Brass Pocket, Tommy Frolich Band, Lisa Chavous & the Phila Blues Messengers, The Flip Side, Swamp Ash, The Johnny Dew Band. The Bridge- port Rib House is not a big place but is an excellent venue to showcase a band ….Great Job by all and OOT had a ball meeting and speaking to many of the acts that played. Here are some photos we placed up on FB.