Volume 41 Number 05 • May 8, 2019 to May 29, 2019

       €€€€ ‚  ƒ „ ‚ ƒ… †…  ‡ €     †ˆ  ˆ ƒ ‰ Š Š ‰  ‹ Œ €€€ Ž € „‘ ’ ‚ ‡ ‘ “ ’ ”     „  ƒ ‹   „ € ˆ • ƒ…ƒ ‘ ‚  † Ž ‰ – ”    ˆ  –ˆ „ ˆ —ˆ  ˜ †ˆ  –ˆ „ € ˆ †  „ € ˆ ‡ ‘ ‰™ † – ”   ˆ   ˆ €€€ „ —ˆ  ˜  – ”    †ˆ  ˆ ƒ € The Harry "O" Show All Video DJ & Karaoke All Shows sponsored by Page 26 Volume 41 Number 05 • May 8, 2019 to May 29, 2019 • www.OOTONLINE.com Make your Wedding an Event Church-check, Venue-check, Dress-check, Cake-check…. Lights, sounds, visual montage, video screens, powered speak- ers…SUPERSTAR DJ…. It’s not just champagnes and cake anymore. I was just recently given a review of my DJ performance by my clients Sharon and Robert. I often get asked why I DJ weddings since I per- form so many big concerts, radio events and sporting events. The reason is clear, the people. All become friends because we get so close during the detailed prep time. You must make this day an event. You’ve seen the reality episodes. Today’s social events are no longer the four hours of Mack the Knife to Cel- ebration to Dad- dy’s Little Girl. Today’s events are just that, ‘EVENTS” with lights, video and enough power to stage a KISS Concert. We live in a world where today’s bride and groom want a party that keeps people up on their feet till the venue flips on the lights. It’s a bottle service, VIP world we live in and party hosts are willing to pay the dol- lars to put on a show. Tradi- tions are important but it’s traditions with a twist, a twist where turntables, mixing and video has become the standard. Kids want a DJ spinning at their teenage events. Kids want to feel the lights, sparkle and sounds as if they were at a David Guetta show. Some even want the velvet rope as part of the entrance, taking pictures on a logo backdrop as if they were entering the Grammy’s. With mobility of technology and the ability to bring thousands of songs and video in an external hard drive, we DJs can deliver this experience. Those of us who spend time researching the latest and greatest in audio and video know we can put on a Wells Fargo concert in someone’s backyard. I am both honored and desirous of giving my clients an experience they won’t forget. Event plan- ners recognize the need to work with DJ’s who understand the experience client’s want for their special day. It’s not background ambiance, it’s thumping of hearts and arms waving in the air. We can never minimize the need for Aunt Sally and Uncle Ralph’s desire to cut a rug on the floor to their favorites but if done right, a DJ can mix Elvis Presley in a way that a Beyoncé video weaves in without one guest knowing where one song ends and one begins. All of it is an audio and visual experience that can enhance the memory of an event. You see, every special moment should be maximized in life and it can be done today with the creative technology that has been given to us. “SAVE THE DATE” and come to my Wedding it will be better than the concert you went to last week. Direct booking inquiries for DJ PERRY ANGELOZZI to: 610.405.8940 (tel) djperrylive@ gmail.com (email) djperryange- lozzi.com (web) SUNDAY FUNDAY at Geno’s Steaks Join me, DJ Perry Angelozzi - SUNDAY (Next Dates) May 12th and June 9th for SUNDAY FUNDAY outside Geno’s Steaks. The all request party in the heart of South Philadelphia from noon to 4pm for a music fest with giveaways and people dancing in the streets. Come dance, eat great food and enjoy friends on a beautiful Sunday! Chiller Event in Parsippany New Jersey Pop culture came alive in North Jersey. To mention a few of the stars…Iconic actor Billy Zane who was Biff’s bad boy in Back to the Future and the bad guy again in the classic movie Titanic was amazing from start to finish. I love this pic as we brought my custom Back to the Future decks to life. I had an absolute blast hanging out with John O’Hurley who played Peterman on Seinfeld. We hung out for hours just telling stories, great guy. from Village People Filipe!!, who has been the Indian for over 40 years and looks like he is 30 years old. We go way back to many events though the years. Liane Curtis who star family and rich history made a lasting impres- sion on me, so much energy! Har- ry Waters Jr. who played Marvin Berry in the classic movie Back to the future and “yes” we played something that really cooked!! When you spend time with these amazing pieces of pop culture you realize why they are famous. I had a great time. Ric Ocasek of the Cars So, I meet so many people and music is important to me. On April 26th at CBS Studios I had a chance to sit with Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Co-founder of the band THE CARS Ric Oc- asek. We discussed music and production, an incredible gracious man. I loved my time with him and could not wait to congratulate him on the recent induction to the Rock N Roll Hal of Fame. We talk- ed of the technology changes and especially the concert changes in the world today and the controls the artist have, Very smart man. He has so many hits, take the time to research his music and art. He was ahead of his time. Ric did and In-Person appearance on Satur- day, April 27 from 6 pm- 8 pm at Wentworth Gallery, King of Prus- sia, PA. (610) 337-8988. Please stop by to see his art.