Volume 41 Number 03 • March 27, 2019 to April 17, 2019

Page 26 Volume 41 Number 03 • March 27, 2019 to April 17, 2019 • www.OOTONLINE.com Burn The Ballroom featured lead singer Adriel Genet is a Franco-American singer, per- former, and composer. His repertoire of original songs is inspired by revival folk, retro, rock, and classical music with a streak of contemporary pop. He is regularly featured on global radio and television, including several MTV pro- grams. Adriel has played shows and festivals across the world, from Paris to New York, Tokyo to Vladivostok, both solo and with rock band Burn The Ballroom. He also can be heard per- forming with actor Patrick Warburton in their rock side project, War Song. Adriel has lived around the globe, picking up his musical influ- ences along the way - par- ticularly from his hometown of Paris, France. Burn The Ballroom is a Rock/Punk/Powerpop project out of Northern VA. Founded by singer and guitarist Alan Gant in 2008, and shortly thereafter joined by bassist Jackson Harar, the duo began creating their style and sound over the following months. After vari- ous label affiliations, the band decided, for the fore- seeable future, to remain independ- ently produced and distributed, releasing three EP’s (“The Black EP”, “The Blue EP”, and “You’re Already Mine EP”). The band released its de- but full length album “Burn The Ballroom” in late 2012, and was ultimately joined by friend, and long time guitar tech, Sterling Pearson on guitar, and newcomer Jack Ivins on Drums. Driven by powerful instrumentation and anthemic melo- dies and lyrics, BTB blurs the lines between Anthem, Rock, Punk, and Popular music. Burn The Ballroom is pre- paring to tour June - Sep- tember 2019. throughout the USA and Canada. Their Experience allows you to bear witness to a spell binding Rock-stirring performance. Because of their pro- fessionalism they have maintained all the neces- sary ingredients that make them special, and makes a mesmerizing show. Judas Priest. Mike Yuhasz (bass guitarist) was forged in the fires of the 80’s east coast Metal scene, Mike Yuhasz has been laying Down the Thunder for many years. From an early age he was drawn to Heavy music and while Influ- enced by all the Metal Masters , Listening to Geezer Butler, Steve Harris and Ian Hill have predomi- nantly shaped his playing style. His earlier Bands have been a supporting act for Quite a few world renowned Hard Rock and Metal legends Some of which in- clude; Bon Jovi , Graham Bonnet , Kix, Ripper Owens, Twisted Sister, Yngwie Malmsteen, Anthrax and Metallica. Since joining forces with his current band, Mike has become an integral part of the Metal Machine called Metalgodz. Drummer, Mike Berry has been playing music since the age of 4 years old. His main influence was his grandfather who taught him how to play guitar and would bring him up on stage with him. Mike began taking drum lessons at the age of 5 which he would continue to take for the next 12 years from an amazing drummer and teacher Steve Colucci. The first band he joined was at the age of 13 playing guitar in a local original/cover band called Eye of the Beholder. Mike also played for numerous bands in the NJ/PA area over the next few years, until he met Tony Marinari of Stage 3 in 2008. Mike began with Stage 3 as the bands sound engineer for a while until the band needed a new drummer in which he joined the band full time. Mike first joined Metalgodz in 2012 as the bands bass player but as the band would soon realize his style of drumming was more suited for Metalgodz and he has been the drummer ever since! Mikes drumming style and visual performance make him a must see and hear drummer that holds the foundation of Metalgodz together! MetalGodz, although from the East Coast, performs Nationally including appearances recently in Los Angles during the NAMM Festival in 2019, Cleve- land Ohio’s Metal Fest, and all along the East Coast. The band not only plays all the popular hits from Priest but they also perform the favorites of any die hard fan. Songs like “Heading Out To The Highway” “Living After Midnight” “Breaking The Law” “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” “Elec- tric Eye” and even the monster songs like “Painkiller” “Firepower” “Freewheel Burning” and “Victims of Changes” are played to perfec- tion. MetalGodz is a must see Experi- ence for any Hard Rock fan that enjoys the sights and sounds of the Arena rock production of Judas Priest.The band has a huge “Full Production” show coming up Saturday April 13th at The Queen 500 N. Market Street, Wilmington, De. The Queen is a great venue, very rich in history, and this con- cert will be a must see “Arena Like Production” for all Judas Priest, Hard Rock & Metal fans... Con- nect with MetalGodz www.met- algodztribute.com on Facebook MetalGodz. Visit The Queen at www.thequeenwilmington.com . Very special guest performances by, Penntera (Pantera Tribute), Critical Acclaim (Avenged Sev- enfold Tribute) and The Battle of Los Angeles (Rage Against The Machine Tribute). Tickets available at LIVENATION.COM American Artists Entertainment Group Presents: Burn The Ballroom... MetalGodz - from Page 23